Soaring Formulas

Weight and Balance
Weight     x     Arm     =     Moment

Total moment      =     Total arm
Total weight
Weight Shifted
Weight shifted      =      ∆CG (change of CG)
Total weight Distance weight is shifted
Thermal Index
Actual C° at given altitude     -     Adiabatic C° at given altitude     =     Thermal Index
Glide Angle over the Ground (GAG)
IAS (+TW, -HW)      x     (L/D @ IAS)     x     Safety Factor (50%)
Altitude Lost per Statute Mile
Landing Pattern Speed
(1.5 x VS)     +     ½ headwind on final.     (unless published otherwise)
Headwind Component
Wind Speed     x     Cos (Wind Direction - Heading)
Crosswind Component
Wind Speed     x     Sin (Wind Direction - Heading)

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